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A rebel biker on the run. An outlaw motorcycle club in turmoil. A violent past that haunts them all.

Austin Conrad narrowly survived the opening salvo in the war against his former brothers in the Rattlers Motorcycle Club. A war that started when the MC’s ruthless leader crossed a line that even Austin’s questionable morals could not condone. Now both sides are gathering their strength, plotting their next move, coiling to strike. The adventure moves from the gritty streets of Las Vegas to lonely desert outposts and the seedy underbelly of inland Southern California. Austin is in a race against time to dismantle the MC’s nefarious plot before it can destroy more lives. Along the way, dark secrets from the past begin to surface, calling into question everything Austin thought he knew about brotherhood, family, loyalty and honor.

Blood Out is the third book in the Austin Conrad Thrillers series. If you like fast-paced adventure, vividly real settings and a flawed but unstoppable antihero, then you’ll love this action-packed thriller from breakout author Dusty Sharp.

Download Blood Out today and find out why readers are hailing Austin Conrad as “Jack Reacher meets Sons of Anarchy!”

Warning: Contains violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure.


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7 reviews for Blood Out – eBook

  1. Connie Agosta Gisone

    As a killer, Austin tops them all and I love him for it. I was afraid I was reading the last book in the series until I realized we’re going to meet his cousin!!! I love that the author puts you inside Austin’s head. His ability to control a situation without emotion really draws the reader to him. Now Dusty has me waiting for the next book. Keep them coming and I’ll keep on reading!!!

  2. Carol

    I am an ARC reader and here is my review. The book was action packed with many twists I didn’t see coming. Conrad is an unlikely hero but but he fights to set things right the way he sees it. He’s not an angel but he’s not a devil either. All in all a good book.

  3. Judy Harding

    These books are similar to the TV show “Sons of Anarchy” in that there is lots of action, lawless business’s and brutal lifestyle but there is one man that has a line that he won’t cross. Austin isn’t an upstanding citizen but has a conscience. You will enjoy these books and if nothing else you will enjoy the murder, mayhem and massacres.

  4. Will Decker

    This story is a continuation of the Austin Conrad series. Each story can be read as a stand-alone book, but they are so much better if you read them in the order they were intended. Sharp’s characters are as real as they come and the action superbly choreographed. You almost feel like ducking when the bullets start flying and the blood is splattering. With each new release that I’ve read, I am further captivated by this author’s skill at bringing such a complex character and his vivid outlook on reality to life. Sharp doesn’t miss any details. Best decision I ever made was joining Dusty Sharp’s advanced readers group, because waiting for these great stories is just too unbearable!

  5. T Olsen

    If you like a hero who gets things done, no matter some spilling of blood, this is the book.
    I really enjoyed the book, it’s very well written, with a good plot and story, great characters and the logic and facts are straight.

  6. Rita Lorenzen-Bauer

    The story fast paced and packed with captivating action. I read it in one sitting and so forgot about time.
    But occasionally I wished Austin Conrad had only used his fists and brought those men to justice.

  7. Jane Starcher

    Having lived this kind of life myself for years I’d like to say it’s pretty spot on. I don’t know if Dusty Sharp lived or lives it or just does damn good research but it does a very good job of representing the biker life style and how your personal morals and conscience come into play. Action packed,real to life dialog. For anyone that has ever wanted to know about the outlaw biker this is the series. I read the first one and couldn’t put it down. The second,i read so fast I had to make myself slow down. This one, made my heart race. Excellent book.

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