Ruger Model No. 1
Single Shot Rifle
.300 Winchester Magnum
Gene Pendleton
Designed in 1967 and still manufactured today, the Ruger Model No. 1 is a single-shot hunting rifle with a falling block action. The rifle is available for a multitude of cartridge sizes, but Gene's is chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum for it’s normal use during elk season.  But the No. 1 comes in handy for other prey when Austin needs some help from above in the ghost town of Amboy.  From the pages of No Time To Bleed:

After a few minutes Gene emerged from the trailer, back in his day clothes. He had his Remington in one hand and a hunting rifle in the other. As he held them up he said triumphantly, “I’ve got a shotgun, a rifle,” he nodded over toward his Dodge pickup, “and a four wheel drive—”

“—and a country boy can survive,” Austin finished for him. He pointed at the rifle, “but that thing looks like a goddamn antique.” It was a long barrel, single-shot hunting rifle with a well-worn walnut stock and a huge scope mounted to it. It looked well used.

Gene looked down at the old rifle, a slightly hurt look on his face. “This is a Ruger Number One, chambered in .300 Win-Mag,” Gene said proudly as he handed it to Austin.

Austin turned it over in his hands, handling it gingerly as if he might break it. He was fiddling with the odd-shaped, curved lever that ran underneath the trigger guard, and clumsily opened the breach. “Seriously?” he asked.

Gene shrugged. “Well, the Number One was never considered extremely accurate. But this one has helped keep the Arizona elk population in check for nigh on twenty years. I can put a bullet where I want it to go.”

The look on Austin’s face said he wasn’t too sure about this. “How quickly can you cycle rounds through it?”

“It’s no machine gun, that’s for sure. But I reckon I wouldn’t be up there to lay down suppressive fire. A well placed shot, one at a time, is what you’ll need, if’n you need my help at all.”